Innovative solutions for the Internet of Things that empower future smart homes and buildings, industrial Internet of Things, asset monitoring, and smart medical care

The continuous development of smart buildings/homes/factories, personal Internet of Things (IoT), and smart medical care is positively changing people’s work and life, providing comfort and convenience, reducing the adverse impact on the environment, and even increasing the net income of the entire economic system. ON semiconductor, which promotes energy-efficient innovation, provides a wide range of IoT enabling solutions, including a series of solutions based on the industry’s lowest power consumption Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 RSL10, advanced machine vision and security imaging solutions, faster and more extensive More efficient Wi-Fi connection solutions, etc., adopting leading connection and perception technologies and a node-to-cloud design platform, enabling designers to design and deploy the most competitive IoT solutions, improve user experience, and create a greener and more connected world.

Bluetooth low energy and the industry’s lowest power consumption BLE 5.0 RSL10

With its inherent advantages of high energy efficiency and easy interconnection with smartphones, Bluetooth low energy technology is the preferred short-range wireless protocol for IoT. For example, ON Semiconductor’s radio system-on-a-chip (SoC) RSL10, supports BLE 5.0, uses 384 kB flash memory, dual-core processor (ARM Cortex-M3 processor, 32-bit Dual-Harvard DSP system), in deep sleep mode and receive mode The power consumption is as low as 62.5 nW and 7 mW respectively, and it supports firmware over-the-air upgrade (FOTA). The use of different packages can provide the industry’s lowest power consumption for multi-field IoT applications. RSL10 SIP integrates a complete antenna solution, power management, clock crystal unit and other passive components into a 6 x 8 x 1.46 mm miniature package, no additional RF design is required, plug and play, easy to design and import into any smart wireless In interconnected applications, it has passed the certification systems of the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries. RSL10 is the core device of ON Semiconductor’s various BLE solutions.

Smart home and construction

1. RSL10 Mesh platform empowers smart buildings, industrial IoT and asset tracking Bluetooth low energy mesh network applications

The Bluetooth Low Energy Grid specification has built-in security with multiple layers of encryption. A properly deployed Bluetooth low energy mesh network can cover longer distances than traditional peer-to-peer (P2P) Bluetooth communication because nodes can perform message passing by relaying data packets to target nodes outside the range of the transmitting node. This enables various applications that were previously impossible with Bluetooth technology. ON Semiconductor’s RSL10 Mesh platform helps greatly accelerate the development of mesh networks to deploy nodes faster and push performance limits. The platform is based on RSL10 SIP and includes two RSL10 Mesh nodes and a Strata gateway connected to Strata Developer Studio™ (a highly intuitive evaluation and development tool), multiple environmental sensors, LEDs for monitoring temperature and ambient light and magnetic field detection Indicator, three-way LED driver, battery charger, equipped with an Eclipse-based integrated development environment, mobile applications for provisioning, configuration and control of Bluetooth low energy mesh networks, and compliance with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG ) Mesh network software package.

Innovative solutions for the Internet of Things that empower future smart homes and buildings, industrial Internet of Things, asset monitoring, and smart medical care

Figure 1: RSL10 Mesh platform

2. Connected lighting platform empowers smart buildings to reduce energy consumption

High energy efficiency and modularity are the two most important factors for connected lighting. ON Semiconductor’s interconnected lighting platform is a highly energy-efficient modular platform with an energy efficiency of over 90% at full load and supports multiple connections, including BLE, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Zigbee Green Power. It provides up to 90 watts of output power and provides two independent channels, each of which can provide and control up to 16 LEDs. Its connection module is based on the RSL10 system-in-package (RSL10 SIP) and provides low-power LED wireless control options, including on/off, dimming and programming. ON Semiconductor provides comprehensive software tool support such as integrated development environment (IDE), various use cases and mobile applications.

Innovative solutions for the Internet of Things that empower future smart homes and buildings, industrial Internet of Things, asset monitoring, and smart medical care

Figure 2: Connected lighting platform

3. 3D perception access control and security platform: used for smart video doorbell

This solution is based on ON Semiconductor’s AR0237IR image sensor. The most significant advantage is that a single sensor is used to replace the recognition that usually requires two sensors in black and white plus color. AR0237IR captures both visible and infrared images for depth perception, anti-fraud and 3D recognition and other advanced algorithms. It also provides good sensitivity under various lighting conditions and supports high dynamic range (HDR) for intelligent access control and Smart video security and other applications.

4. Ultra-low power BLE camera: used for automatic meter reading

This solution is based on ON Semiconductor’s RSL10 and ultra-low-power high-speed CMOS image sensor ARX3A0. In the innovative “ultra-low-power” mode, the entire system enters a sleep state, and the sensor can achieve one frame output per second without power consumption. 3 mW. In addition to automatic meter reading, it can also be used in parking systems if combined with color sensors.

5. Wi-Fi

ON Semiconductor has leading Wi-Fi technologies such as beamforming, 8×8 multi-user multiple input multiple output (MU-MIMO), etc. It also provides advanced reference design Spartan to accelerate the time to market for hardware delivery. Spartan provides product design documents, board manufacturing documents, and product enclosure documents for authorized original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and original design manufacturers (ODM). To facilitate OEM and ODM customization, Spartan also provides general pre-tested firmware and software development kits. (SDK), to help OEMs and ODMs reduce costs and accelerate product launches.

The Spartan product line has several different combinations. There are Spartan 5XL compliant with Wi-Fi 6 for Wi-Fi routers and general Mesh, etc.; there is Spartan Essential compliant with Wi-Fi 5 for Wi-Fi Mesh and extenders. , Universal repeaters, etc. Compared with most Mesh solutions, Spartan Essential provides wider wireless coverage, more device support and fewer access points; there are Wi-Fi 6-compliant Spartan routers for high-performance 12 Streaming Wi-Fi routers, etc., based on the QSR10GU-AX chipset and NXP’s LS1043A 1.6GHz quad-core network processor, provide OEMs with unparalleled coverage and network capacity, and the performance level can meet demanding applications such as 4K video streaming and online games , Cloud synchronization, and connect more and more smart home products, accelerate the deployment of first-class Wi-Fi 6 routers to the retail and service provider markets.

Industrial IoT

High-resolution X-Cube system: for 29 x 29 mm2 camera design

The X-Cube reference design is a complete system solution based on the X-class image sensor series. It provides 16 million pixel resolution in a 1.1-inch optical format, advanced global shutter imaging, high performance, low noise, and low power consumption. Machine vision and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) 29 mm x 29 mm industrial cameras occupy the required imaging details and performance, and the series architecture enables a design to support multiple resolutions, helping to speed up development.

Asset monitoring, personal IoT, medical

1. Multifunctional BLE Beacon is used for beacon broadcast information push, asset tracking, cold chain transportation management and epidemic location tracking, etc.

From predictive maintenance to factory automation, industrial IoT applications will make full use of the ability to track and monitor assets, analyze data, and run artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms with cloud servers. In consideration of the security of these applications, ON Semiconductor has cooperated with IoT solution company tatwah sa and leading network security provider WISeKey through ecosystem partners to provide an IoT Secure Beacon based on RSL10 radio. This Beacon has ultra-low power consumption, powered by a button battery, combined with some sensors, can be modularly configured, and it is a node-to-cloud solution, and uses a digital signature verification mechanism to ensure data security.

Innovative solutions for the Internet of Things that empower future smart homes and buildings, industrial Internet of Things, asset monitoring, and smart medical care

Figure 3: Multifunctional BLE Beacon

2. BLE car keyless entry (PEPS)

Deploy the vehicle-level NCV-RSL10 node in the car. The owner can use the mobile phone to replace the car key to achieve keyless entry and keyless start. The spare car key is also implemented by NCV-RSL10, which is ultra-low power consumption and convenient. .

3. Ultra-low power consumption BLE audio transmission

RSL10 can be used as a BLE chip to transmit audio streams through ON Semiconductor’s protocol, used in walkie-talkies, remote microphones, BLE hearing aids, teaching headsets and other applications, with low power consumption, noise reduction, support for CELT, G.722 encoding and decoding, sound pickup, etc. Features.

4. Voice Controlled Bluetooth Speaker

This solution uses 4 ONA10IV and 1 ONA40A Class D amplifier controlled by LC823455 (Low-power and high-resolution audio processing system SoC), which can stream music via Bluetooth and respond to voice commands. It also uses LC717A10AR capacitive touch sensor , Used to manually control the volume, mute, play, pause and next track, and LV52511MN linear 24-channel LED driver, used to control the work of the LED.

5. BLE continuous blood glucose meter (CGM)

Based on ON Semiconductor’s analog front end (AFE) and BLE SoC or SiP, CGM with smaller size, lower power consumption, and more stable performance can be developed, providing ultra-low power BLE 5.0 and 5.2 connection solutions, which is extremely The characteristic AFE seamlessly connects to the customer’s probe sensor, and the AFE+BLE single-chip CGM solution at all levels of high, middle and low levels can meet the needs of different solutions.

Node-to-cloud design platform

1. Alibaba IoT Cloud Platform Inter-device Communication (M2M) Demonstration Kit

Flexible and fast prototyping, simple configuration can be connected to the Alibaba IoT cloud platform, ultra-low power consumption, and provide publish and subscribe functions.

Innovative solutions for the Internet of Things that empower future smart homes and buildings, industrial Internet of Things, asset monitoring, and smart medical care

Figure 4: Alibaba IoT Cloud Platform M2M Demonstration Kit

2. BLE 5.0 Electronic Tag Demonstration Kit (ETAG)

This flexible and rapid prototype uses RSL10 and electronic ink, with ultra-low power consumption, and can be widely used in electronic price tags, smart bulletin boards, smart badges, smart wearable computing and other applications.

Figure 5: BLE 5.0 ETAG

3. Speed ​​up development of sensor development kit based on RSL10

RSL10 sensor development kit and RSL10 solar cell multi-sensor platform, combined with cutting-edge smart sensor technology and RSL10, and have all the required firmware, software and mobile and cloud-related functions, out of the box, to achieve long-lasting battery life and even Fully solar-powered battery-free IoT applications, including smart home and building automation such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control, window/door sensors and air quality monitoring, asset tracking such as package opening/closing detection, impact monitoring, and temperature and humidity Data logging, etc.

4. RSL10 energy harvesting switch: suitable for any application that requires energy harvesting

The RSL10 energy harvesting switch integrates RSL10 SIP and ZF Friedrichshafen AG’s energy-efficient energy harvesting switch, which supports the harvesting of sufficient energy from the vibration of the switch. It is battery-free and maintenance-free. It is suitable for energy harvesting such as lighting control. Applications.

5. Bluetooth IoT Development Kit (B-IDK): easy to develop low-power wireless applications

B-IDK facilitates rapid prototyping and development of edge-to-cloud applications such as environmental control, smart lighting, security, and wearables. Based on RSL10, it has the advantage of ultra-low power consumption, configurable mobile applications support cloud interconnection, compatible with AWS, Azure, Bluemix or custom cloud services, easy to connect to other IDK daughter boards, and include a full range of sensing options (distance, sports) , Touch) and control (dual LED, stepper motor, brushless DC), provide simple codes ready to use.

6. RSL10 RGB LED lighting: used for car taillights, ambient lights, instrument backlights and smart home lighting

The RSL10 RGB LED evaluation board SECO-NCV7685RGB-GEVB is plug-and-play, and can be set through a smart phone to control the animation mode of Bluetooth. 16RGB LED (48 channels), each channel can be programmed to drive current up to 60mA, output frequency 150, 300, 600, 1200Hz optional, integrated diagnosis and protection functions, built-in application programming interface (API), accelerate the firmware design cycle.

7. Strata Developer Studio™: Comprehensive R&D, evaluation and design tool

Strata is a cloud-connected development platform that provides ready-made design solutions and advanced support capabilities, including a plug-and-play system, unified software and supporting documents, automatic updates and warnings, allowing engineers to seamlessly, personally and securely Use ON Semiconductor technology in the environment for R&D and evaluation. For example, the LED evaluation board STR-4LED-SOL-EVAL-EVK empowered by Strata realizes complete control and telemetry, and accelerates and simplifies the development of automotive lighting, consumer lighting, turn indicators, and dashboard backlights.


ON Semiconductor provides comprehensive connectivity, perception, energy-efficient power management, control and protection and other building modules and a configurable node-to-cloud platform, working with ecosystem partners to promote the future of smart homes and buildings, industrial IoT, personal IoT, Innovations in IoT segments such as smart medical care and asset monitoring will enhance user experience and create a greener and more connected world.

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