[Industrial Internet Topic]The innovation and development of the Industrial Internet must strengthen the “base” role of network security

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the “Industrial Internet Innovation Development Action Plan (2021-2023)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Plan”), proposing that by 2023, my country’s industrial Internet new infrastructure construction will advance both quantitatively and qualitatively, with new models and new models. Large-scale promotion of business formats has significantly improved the overall industrial strength; new infrastructure has been further improved, the effects of integrated applications have been further demonstrated, technological innovation capabilities have been further improved, industrial development ecology has been further improved, and safety assurance capabilities have been further enhanced.

The “Action Plan” starts from several aspects of the innovation and development of the Industrial Internet, and puts forward feasible goals, respectively, and clarifies the following 11 key tasks: network system strengthening action, logo analysis enhancement action, platform system growth action, data aggregation Capable actions, new model cultivation actions, integration and application deepening actions, key standard building actions, technological capability enhancement actions, industrial coordinated development actions, security enhancement actions, and open cooperation deepening actions. Among them, the enhancement of safety assurance capabilities is the foundation and foundation of other key tasks, and should be paid attention to in the following aspects.

In the network system strengthening operation, industrial enterprises need to transform, upgrade, and construct industrial equipment, enterprise intranets, and enterprise extranets. We are transforming the network interconnection capabilities of “dumb devices” in industrial sites. We must not only protect the data security of these devices, but also avoid medium and high-risk vulnerabilities in the process of building the industrial Internet. The possible risks of these vulnerabilities include rejection Service attacks, remote command execution, information leakage, etc.

In the expansion of the platform system, some companies have not yet put in place protective measures for equipment, networks, control, applications, and data. The ability to identify, resist, and resolve risks has not yet been formed, and the online platforms are basically in a “naked” state. The IaaS layer of my country’s industrial Internet platform has a relatively high degree of maturity and relatively complete infrastructure, and has a relatively complete security solution in terms of data security. The protection of industrial data at the PaaS layer of the industrial Internet platform mainly relies on traditional user authentication management, and data encryption storage and secure transmission capabilities need to be enhanced urgently. Industrial APP has a short development cycle, frequent iterations, and insufficient consideration of data security. Industrial enterprises did not upgrade their protective measures in time after connecting to the platform, and their data protection awareness was weak. In the case of industrial enterprises’ own protection capabilities are generally weak, the importance and priority of national management systems and technical protection platforms have become more prominent. In the process of building the platform, because companies have insufficient understanding of the overall industrial Internet security protection solution, and little knowledge of security protection architecture, measures, technology, and product best practices, they need to rely on national-level protection platforms, solutions and best practices , Carry out relevant pilot demonstration work, and promote the construction of the industrial Internet platform security protection system.

In the data aggregation empowerment action, the unified management and use of data through the big data center can certainly solve the problem of data “islands”. We need to clarify the data collection, storage, and Security protection requirements for processing, transfer, deletion, etc., while accelerating the open sharing and development and application of data resources, it is necessary to establish an effective data security guarantee system, build a regulatory system that adapts to the development of industrial Internet data, and improve the industrial Internet data era The new order of information security.

In the construction of key standards, although the top-level structure of my country’s industrial Internet development is already in place, the industrial Internet security technology protection system and security management system are still in the process of being established. Relevant policy documents and standard guidelines mainly focus on the security field of industrial control systems. The industrial Internet platform security access, data protection, platform protection and other aspects of the standards are still blank, the platform classification management system and methods have not yet been unified, we need to explore a suitable security evaluation system. In view of the current lack of industrial Internet security testing and evaluation standards, we can conduct in-depth research on the security status, security requirements, and offensive and defense technologies of the industrial Internet, comprehensively analyze the potential security risks of the industrial Internet, and determine the security review, detection and evaluation of the industrial Internet. Direction and focus, sort out and refine the content of security review and testing and evaluation, and formulate quantifiable and operable industrial Internet security review and testing and evaluation technical requirements and related standards for testing and evaluation methods.

In the coordinated development of the industry, due to the lack of independent research and development capabilities of industrial software and hardware in my country, the technological industry strength in the fields of high-end equipment, industrial control systems, industrial networks and software cannot meet the needs of security protection. Industrial control systems and industrial software and hardware rely on foreign technology. product. In terms of industrial control systems, there is a big gap between industrial control MCU, DSP, FPGA and other core component technologies and foreign products. Foreign products of SCADA, PLC, DCS, PCS and other systems occupy most of the domestic market. The majority of PLCs are brands such as Schneider of France and Siemens of Germany. The preferred brands of DCS include traditional brands such as ABB of Sweden and Rockwell of the United States. In terms of industrial software and hardware, ultra-high-precision machine tools are mainly from Japan, Germany and Switzerland. Relying on their global brand influence, foreign manufacturers entered the Chinese market earlier, have formed a continuous product service ecology and profit chain, and have a strong competitive advantage in the market. In order to promote the technological innovation and industrial development of the Industrial Internet, we need to combine production, education and research to achieve independent control of the key core technologies for industrial Internet security. At present, the chain of industrial enterprises-manufacturers-scientific research institutions is not smooth, and there is a lack of related projects to promote cooperation. Colleges and universities should focus on open innovation, strengthen the collaboration and cooperation between industrial Internet customers in various industries and professional service companies, and leverage their knowledge, experience and resource advantages in their respective fields to form a series of heavyweight industrial applications.

In the industrial Internet industry ecological cultivation project, there is a large gap in domestic cyber security talents, and they are highly concentrated in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. The most talented people are in security demand analysis and system design, security situation analysis, and strategic and regulatory formulation. Shortage. However, the number and quality of industrial information security practitioners are far greater than the actual needs, and the service support capabilities are insufficient. A considerable number of management personnel responsible for information security at the enterprise side are non-professional backgrounds and do not understand the system knowledge of industrial control systems. The engineering personnel who operate and maintain industrial control systems are transferred to other relevant professions and do not have a systematic grasp of industrial information security. Most of the existing security personnel in industrial enterprises do not have the ability to analyze and solve industrial information security problems, and their professionalism needs to be improved urgently.

2021-2023 is the period of rapid growth of my country’s industrial Internet. The Action Plan provides 11 key tasks for the development of my country’s industrial Internet in the past three years, and promotes the further integration and development of industrialization and informatization of enterprises from a policy perspective. It is believed that the “Action Plan” will drive the development of my country’s enterprise informatization in a higher, deeper and broader direction.

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