In-depth localization to fully empower smart manufacturing upgrades with superior technical capabilities

Beijing, April 15, 2021-Walter Group, the world’s leading supplier of metal cutting solutions, will exhibit at CIMT 2021, the top event in the industry, with seven themes, hundreds of new products, and six live broadcasts a day, which will meet the needs of users for future development. New technologies and new applications are presented in a centralized manner, and “advantageous technical capabilities” are used to boost user competitiveness from multiple dimensions.

“China is the most active and potential economy in the world, and the strong rebound under the impact of the epidemic has once again proved this. Walter Group’s’Go Global 2025′ strategy was launched at the beginning of this year to upgrade the Chinese market to a global one. One of the three strategic markets, no longer part of the Asia-Pacific region, fully demonstrates China’s important position in Walter’s global strategy, and also marks that Walter China, which has been rooted in China for 25 years, will enter a new stage of development in an all-round way. Locally. Globalization is the top priority of this strategy. We will continue to provide solutions that are more suitable for the individual needs of local customers and help customers improve their competitiveness. Walter will play a set of combo punches with its superior technical capabilities.” General Manager of Walter Greater China Mr. Tang Yuan said.

Growth against the trend to determine the strategy to eliminate uncertainty

The 2020 epidemic and global economic turmoil have brought a huge impact on the market, but Walter China’s sales still achieved double-digit growth against the trend, becoming the group’s largest market in the global region. This is due to three aspects. The rapid adjustment of the company: First, adjust the organizational structure and match key positions more appropriately to make the organization more efficient and more executive; second, the Walter Group continues to introduce innovative products to the market, such as the Golden Tiger blade, to further help customers Reduce production costs and improve processing performance; the third is to increase investment in localization, and optimize the allocation of resources in terms of projects, design, and production to ensure rapid product delivery. Combining more than one hundred years of tool manufacturing history and experience, Walter is fully matching the needs of local users in China at the “Chinese speed”.

“In the next five years, Walter China has set a very clear and clear localization goal-by 2025, we will achieve localization of all projects, the design of all non-standard tools, and the production of all non-standard tools locally. At the same time, with the help of China’s strong supply chain system, Walter users around the world can enjoy the high-quality products produced by Walter China.” Mr. Tang Yuan added.

Innovation-driven, product technology covering multiple application fields

Looking back on the 100-year journey, Walter has always adhered to the original intention of being driven by user value and rooted the keyword “innovation” in the brand genes. From tiger blades, silver tiger technology, golden tiger technology, to DC170, the new generation of Xtra·tec®XT milling cutters, one innovation after another leads the development of the industry and gains the trust of users. In this CIMT, Walter also brought a collective appearance of a variety of innovative products covering multiple application fields such as milling, turning, and drilling.

Among them, the Walter T271X series multi-tooth thread milling cutters with advanced chipbreaker grooves D61+D67 and Tiger·tec® Silver “Silver Tiger” coating technology fill the current thread milling inserts with only simple front cutters. This gap in the market has once again established an industry benchmark and won the “Golden Frontier Award” for the second cutting tool product innovation award, which was evaluated by comprehensive experts and users from authoritative media in the industry. Relying on the innovative application of the chip breaker geometry of the insert, the T271X series products can cover thread milling of almost all materials, and its multi-edge, indexable, multi-row tooth cutter body design and manufacturing accuracy will further improve processing efficiency. At the same time, the high precision of milling is guaranteed, and it can even be processed directly to the required thread accuracy without compensation.

While continuously optimizing product technology, Walter also focuses on the R&D and application of multi-industry solutions. The application program booth for the three major industries of transportation, aerospace, and energy power also displayed complete tool solutions for a variety of typical parts. In the future, while consolidating applications in advantageous industries, Walter will expand more efficient and intelligent product technologies and solutions to industries with strong upgrade needs such as new energy vehicles and construction machinery, and gather all internal and external resources to create for local users. More value.

Win in the future, frontierDigitizingsolution

The future is digital! As one of the first batch of German Industry 4.0 advocates and leaders, Walter is committed to digital manufacturing through practical solutions to achieve production efficiency improvement and process optimization, and to help users “future manufacturing power from the perspective of cutting technology” “We are armed to meet various challenges in the new era of intelligent manufacturing. The digital technology exhibition area specially opened at Walter’s booth also fully demonstrated its strong strength in digital technology research and development with a variety of innovative intelligent application software and equipment management systems in rich forms of on-site Display, on-site operation, and detailed explanations. .

The Walter Innotime® system is newly launched by the Walter Group. It is the world’s first digital search solution for accelerating the tool selection and ordering process. It perfectly combines the superior technical capabilities of Walter technicians with the intelligent data analysis functions of the software system. After the user only needs to provide the three-dimensional workpiece model of the required machined part, you can quickly obtain a cost-effective complete tool solution including applicable cutting tool products, cutting parameters, processing costs and other information. A series of digital solutions including Walter Nexxt focus on the entire industry chain, from real-time adjustment of spindle feed, optimizing cutting effects to processing equipment data monitoring and analysis, and comprehensively improving users’ production efficiency.

Walter’s automatic tool management system is also a highlight of this exhibition. The equipment displayed on the actual machine can provide users with on-site operating experience-all tool inventory recorded in digital form can realize dynamic and fully automatic management planning, which ensures production It is smooth and efficient, and can also minimize ordering and procurement costs.

“2021 is the 25th year that Walter has entered the Chinese market. From the initial office to now with a modern factory and sales organizations all over the country, we have adhered to the “advantageous technical capabilities” in every step we take. Brand promise. In the new era of industry 4.0 manufacturing, Walter will continue to innovate and use its technical strength to become an important force for users and even the industry to achieve intelligent manufacturing upgrades and digital transformation.” Mr. Tang Yuan concluded, “Practice in China, For China’, Walter will continue to localize and empower Chinese users to upgrade their intelligence.”

In-depth localization to fully empower smart manufacturing upgrades with superior technical capabilities

Figure 1: Walter Group presents the industry’s top event CIMT 2021 with seven themes, hundreds of new products, and six live broadcasts a day, presenting new technologies and new applications that will meet the future development needs of users.

In-depth localization to fully empower smart manufacturing upgrades with superior technical capabilities

Figure 2: The digital technology Display area specially opened at the booth site, with a variety of innovative intelligent application software and equipment management system in rich forms of on-site display, on-site operation, and detailed explanation, fully proves its strong strength in digital technology research and development.

In-depth localization to fully empower smart manufacturing upgrades with superior technical capabilities

Figure 3: Mr. Tang Yuan, general manager of Walter Greater China, accepted interviews from a number of professional media during the exhibition, sharing the company’s operations and localization development strategies.

Figure 4: Walter T271X series multi-row thread milling cutters fill the market gap where the current thread milling inserts have only simple rake faces. It also won the “Golden Frontier Award” for the second cutting tool product innovation award.

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