Huawei executives: U.S. sanctions have intensified, making it hopeless to keep the 5G market in Europe?

Editor’s note: The Sino-US trade war has intensified, and Huawei has become a target of public criticism. The public is more concerned that Huawei’s high-end mobile phones may become peerless. In fact, the mobile phone business only accounts for about 1/3 of Huawei’s total revenue. The shrinking of the communications business in overseas markets is the bigger blow. Now that the United States has increased its sanctions, Huawei executives sincerely said that the difficulty of dealing with it is increasing. Under the influence of political factors, there is no answer to whether it can keep the European market. However, Huawei can and is willing to continue to provide services to European 5G network customers.

According to Reuters, a senior Huawei European executive told the Austrian newspaper that Huawei found it more difficult to deal with the United States to prevent it from obtaining semiconductor chip sanctions, but the company can continue to provide services to European 5G network customers.

After Google was banned from providing technical support for new Huawei mobile phones using the mobile operating system Android, Huawei is still “seeking a solution” to help millions of Huawei mobile phone users.

“Since the United States imposed sanctions last year, US semiconductor manufacturers are no longer allowed to supply us, so our former US partners will no longer cooperate with us. Since August, the situation has become more difficult.” Huawei’s European Vice President Abraham Liu told the Kurier newspaper.

He said that the United States is “blackmailing” the chip manufacturer’s relationship with Huawei, which denies the United States’ allegations that China may use Huawei equipment as a spy.

He mentioned: “Nevertheless, due to adequate preparations and up-front investment in the use of the most advanced technology, we are confident that we will continue to provide services to European customers in the 5G field.”

“For private customers, mobile phone owners, we see great difficulties. We have 90 million Huawei users in Europe. Since Google is no longer allowed to cooperate with Huawei, Google will no longer release Huawei smartphones with Android operating systems. Update.” “However, we are still looking for a solution.”

It is reported that under pressure from the United States to force Huawei to stop providing key telecommunications equipment, Orange and Proximus chose Nokia to help build a 5G network in Belgium last week.

EU member states have been stepping up their scrutiny of so-called high-risk suppliers. Analysts said that this puts Huawei’s governance and technology under strict scrutiny, and may result in other European operators separating it from their networks.

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