How about the use of aluminum casting products?

Pure aluminum is very soft, small in strength, and has good ductility. It can be pulled into filaments and pressed into foils. It is used in large quantities in the production of wires, cables, radio industry and packaging. Its electrical conductivity is about two-thirds of copper, but because its density is only one-third of copper, comparing aluminum wires with the same length and the same quality and copper wires, aluminum’s electrical conductivity is about copper’s Two times, and the price is lower than that of copper, so the high-voltage lines in the field are mostly made of aluminum, which saves a lot of costs and eases the tension of copper.

The thermal conductivity of aluminum casting is 30% greater than that of iron. Aluminum casting is commonly used in industry to manufacture various heat exchangers and heat dissipation materials. Many cooking utensils used in households are also made of aluminum. For nearly 50 years, aluminum casting has become one of the most widely used metals in the world.

In addition to the above, in the construction industry, aluminum is widely used because of its reliability in the air and its excellent appearance after anode treatment; aluminum alloy materials are also widely used in aviation and national defense and military industries; Aluminum cables reinforced with high-strength steel wires are often used; container transportation, ordinary supplies, household appliances, machinery and equipment, etc. require a large amount of aluminum casting.

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