Home-made mobile phones have emerged: Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and VIVO all have self-developed chips

Yesterday, OPPO released its first self-developed chip “Mariana MariSilicon X”, which is a dedicated NPU chip for imaging, which is also an imaging AI chip.

Before OPPO, VIVO also released a self-developed chip V1, which is an imaging ISP chip, and after the surging S1, Xiaomi also released a surging C1, which is also an imaging ISP chip.

This means that the four major domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and VIVO, all have their own self-developed chips.

Of course, the four major manufacturers have different core manufacturing, but also have similarities. Huawei is a Soc, and Xiaomi started to use too much force to make a Soc like the Surge S1, and such a big chip has no more details.

And now the three major mobile phone giants, Xiaomi and OV, all start with small chips such as ISP and NPU on the way to making cores.

Then the question arises. Why do these three major manufacturers no longer manufacture large chips like Soc first like Huawei, but choose small chips like ISP and NPU?

On the one hand, a large chip like Soc is too difficult. We know that SoC is a complex chip that integrates CPU, GPU, ISP, DSP, NPU, and baseband chip. For OV and Xiaomi, it is indeed more difficult, whether it is technology, talent requirements, and capital requirements are relatively high, so everyone starts with the easy ones, accumulates experience, and then does Soc.

The second is to avoid direct PK with Qualcomm, MediaTek, etc. now, it is not yet the time. At present, domestic mobile phone manufacturers use Qualcomm and MediaTek chips. Once they make their own cores, they will abandon Qualcomm and MediaTek chips. Then these manufacturers will have no retreat. I feel that the time has not yet arrived because everyone is not enough.

The third is to start with small chips. Use your own small chips to give full play to certain advantages and let your mobile phone have a selling point. The most popular thing on mobile phones in recent years is taking pictures, so Xiaomi and OV are taking pictures first. The chip starts.

Of course, the goal of these three major manufacturers is definitely not just to engage in small chips such as ISP and NPU. More small chips will appear in the future. For example, Xiaomi has already exposed the power control chip.

After launching a variety of small chips, these will eventually come to the same goal by different paths, and enter Soc. Like Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, they have their own Soc, but the road is step by step. Don’t use too much force all at once.

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