Global smart phone AP chip market revenue growth ranking: Qualcomm, Apple, MediaTek top three

IT Home News on December 24, this morning, Strategy Analytics released a report saying that in Q3 2021, the global smartphone application processor (AP) market revenue increased by 17% to reach 8.3 billion US dollars.

Global smart phone AP chip market revenue growth ranking: Qualcomm, Apple, MediaTek top three

IT Home understands that the report shows that Qualcomm, Apple, MediaTek, Samsung LSI and Unigroup Zhanrui ranked the top five in terms of market revenue share of smartphone application processors.

Among them, Qualcomm ranked first with a revenue share of 34%, followed by Apple (28%) and MediaTek (27%).

According to Strategy Analytics, MediaTek leads Qualcomm with 26 million shipments in the first nine months of 2021. Therefore, based on the 2021 year, MediaTek is expected to become the TOP 1 smartphone application processor shipments for the first time.

According to the report, Qualcomm has given up low-end 4G application processors, focusing on high-end and high-priced application processors, so as to make full use of available foundry capacity. Therefore, MediaTek gained a share of 4G application processor shipments through its Helio A/G/P lineup.

Compared with the same period last year, shipments of 5G application processors increased by 82%, increasing the overall average selling price of application processors by 19%.

Qualcomm’s high-end application processor Snapdragon 888/888+ was the best-selling Android application processor in the quarter.

TSMC’s smartphone application processor shipments accounted for three-quarters of the total shipments in Q3 2021, followed by Samsung Foundry.

Smartphone application processors with 7nm and below technology accounted for 47% of total shipments.

Strategy Analytics pointed out that HiSilicon was hit by trade sanctions, and its smartphone application processor shipments dropped by 96% in Q3 2021. At the same time, Samsung LSI’s application processor shipments decreased by 12%. Google, which is new to the market, has a 0.1% market share with the Pixel Tensor application processor.

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