Focusing on the core and simplicity, Silicon Code releases innovative design of human body sensing sensor

On March 17, 2021, the 2021 Munich Shanghai Optical Expo kicked off. Silicon Code released the millimeter wave sensor human body sensing development kit XenD101 series, the smallest size is only 1.8 x 1.5cm. The reference solution integrates a single-chip millimeter-wave SoC, antenna, and intelligent presence sensing algorithms, supports large-angle and long-distance detection, and is equipped with Silicon Code’s innovative precision interval division and multi-level parameter adjustment functions to meet the needs of scene changes. With the help of the XenD101 series of sensors, users can enrich product design, shorten the development cycle, and quickly bring to the market through a simple, plug-and-play assembly method. The XenD101 series empowers more smart application devices to continue to exert their strength on the AIoT track.

Focusing on the core and simplicity, Silicon Code releases innovative design of human body sensing sensor

XenD101 compares the size difference of RMB one dime

In the increasingly rich AIoT application scenarios, innovative cutting-edge technologies and smarter hardware solutions for interconnection and interoperability have brought more room for developers to play. In application scenarios such as smart home, smart lighting, smart buildings, and security monitoring, the demand for sensor hardware that can continuously detect human activity or presence is particularly prominent. The ultimate human body sensing sensor has gradually become one of the new “thresholds” of the AIoT perception layer hardware.

Refinement | XenD101 Series

After a year, Sidian Micro has brought the millimeter wave sensor development kit XenD101 series that is more suitable for AIoT application scenarios. The solution is based on the single-chip millimeter wave sensor SoC S3KM111L, using FMCW continuous wave frequency modulation and innovative human body sensing algorithms, compatible with ceiling and wall installation methods, accurately detecting the set space, sensing the presence of people, and interacting with the host The real-time communication of the control system makes the connection between things and people smarter and more humane.

Empower the development of AIoT perception layer and expand the application core ecosystem

ONE BOX play box

Focusing on the intelligence of the perception layer, Sidian Micro hopes to help users jointly promote the development of the AIoT ecosystem with innovative products. Following the release of the ONE Lab plan in 2020, Dr. Xu Hongtao, CEO of Sidian Microelectronics, brought a new surprise at this conference-the ONE BOX play box, which contains a set of 6-piece XenD101 reference solutions early samples for developers and industry users Through a more concise, plug-and-play way, you can experience the differentiated perception and recognition new methods brought by the Silicon Code micro human body induction. The name “Play Box” means that Sidian Micro has promoted the “high-top” radio frequency technology to civilians and intelligent, and with miniaturization, low power consumption, and low-cost solutions, it will allow more creative and thoughtful developers With industry users, create a legend for the new era of intelligent connection of all things in an easy-to-assemble and interesting way.

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