Focusing on six major areas, China Telecom released the “Medical Cloud Zone” 2020 Ecological Joint Plan

Recently, the 2020 China Hospital Information Network Conference (CHINC) sub-forum hosted by China Telecom was held in Nanjing. At the meeting, China Telecom and multiple medical informatization vendors jointly released the 2020 ecological joint plan based on the medical cloud zone. This is another milestone since China Telecom launched the first batch of medical cloud zone ecological cooperation in April 2019. The base capacity of the medical cloud zone is further consolidated!

It is reported that the 2020 ecological joint plan for the “Medical Cloud Zone” released this time aims to propose a new overall informatization solution path for six key areas, covering the digital medical community platform, full performance system, cloud HIS, and medical cloud desktop , 5G telemedicine, cloud HRP system, etc.

As an important participant and promoter of the development strategy of “Internet + Medical and Health”, China Telecom officially released the “Medical Cloud Zone” for customers in the medical industry in July 2018. After more than two years of development, the medical cloud zone has been established in 18 provinces across the country, forming a database of more than 30 partners in 4 categories, completing more than 20 Tianyi Cloud adaptations, and cooperating with more than 100 projects.

(Photos at the launching ceremony)

At the “5G Wings and Yunqi Medical” sub-forum, China Telecom gave a detailed introduction to the development of medical informatization by the new infrastructure. At the same time, it invited the Department of Planning, Development and Informatization of the National Health Commission and the Medical Administration and Hospital Administration to provide information on the hospital. Interpretation of standards and smart hospital construction strategies. Experts from Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, and Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University shared their experience in medical informatization construction and operation.

At present, China Telecom’s “Medical Cloud Zone” has formed a six-step standardized ecological introduction process including product cloudification, capability adaptation, capability pool modularization, solution integration, verification landing, and agreement signing. With the joint participation and efforts of partners, the zone’s ability in industry applications has been continuously improved.

In the future, China Telecom is committed to becoming a member of the national team in the field of public health information services, focusing on the industry, converging the ecology, giving full play to its advantages, and providing customers in the medical industry with a “smart, professional, safe and stable” “Internet + medical health” overall solution The plan will make a greater contribution to the construction of the national public health system.

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