Exynos Auto T5123, an automotive chip released, how about Samsung’s automotive chip technology?

Recently, Samsung Semiconductor announced the launch of 3 automotive chip solutions, including Exynos Auto T5123 for in-vehicle 5G connection, Exynos Auto V7 with ASIL-B security level for smart cockpit system and its supporting power management chip (PMIC) S2VPS01 .

It is worth mentioning that Exynos Auto T5123 is Samsung Semiconductor’s first 5G connection solution for vehicles. It is an information remote transmission control unit that meets the 3GPP Release 15 standard and is designed to provide 5G SA/NSA network connections for the new generation of connected cars. .

Through the 5.1Gbps 5G network connection provided by T5123, drivers can obtain important driving information in real time, and passengers can also use online high-definition streaming media or video call services during the journey. The high-speed 5G network data is processed by the two Cortex-A55 CPU cores of Exynos Auto T5123, and then provided to the trip computer through the PCIe interface.

Wisdom Bud experts said that as of the latest, Samsung and its affiliates have applied for 25 patents directly related to automotive chips in 126 countries/regions. According to the application structure of the above-mentioned patented technology, the current patented technology in the above-mentioned field mainly comes from two companies. The first is Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and the other is Tianjin Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. One patent application. Patent applications in this technical field are currently relatively scattered. Ten years ago, the company’s patent applications were concentrated in 2004 and 2009. The number of patent applications in these two years was 2 and 1 respectively, and the above-mentioned patents were all Is an authorized patent.

In the patent applications in recent years, the company has a certain number of patent applications, concentrated in 2018-2020, but the number of patent applications is not very large. On the one hand, this field is still a blue ocean, and there are many places to be explored, but There are not so many companies paying attention, and there are not many applications. On the other hand, compared with the current mobile phone chips or computer chips, the research and development of technology chip technology in this field may not be the current focus.

In addition, according to the data of the target market countries for Smartbuds patents, Samsung’s above-mentioned technology patents are mainly distributed in the following countries/regions, which are South Korea, China, the United States, India and other countries.

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