Ericsson becomes the biggest winner of Brazil’s 50 billion communication equipment order

Ericsson executive Rodrigo Diensterman announced that it has become the biggest winner in the Brazilian communications equipment market. Most of the operators in Brazil that have obtained 5G spectrum have cooperated with Ericsson, which has caused Chinese communications equipment vendors to be quite injured.

Brazil’s 15 operators have participated in the 5G spectrum ranking, and the ranking has ended. The operators are currently engaged in 5G equipment procurement negotiations. It is estimated that the 5G equipment purchased by the operators will reach 8.8 billion U.S. dollars (about 56 billion yuan). The order has triggered a scramble for global communications equipment vendors.

Ericsson executives said that of the 15 companies participating in the Brazilian 5G spectrum auction, 12 have already negotiated 5G equipment deals with Ericsson, which means that Ericsson is likely to receive most of these orders; Nokia is also actively participating in these orders. The competition has already begun with Brazilian operators.

Due to well-known reasons, the US market is basically divided up by Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung. Among them, Samsung has obtained large orders from the US market and has become the world’s fifth largest communications equipment supplier in one fell swoop.

The European market is affected by the United States, and most operators have chosen Ericsson and Nokia’s 5G equipment. However, recent media reports have widely reported that the Austrian rail intermodal hub will use Huawei’s 5G equipment, which has opened a gap for Huawei in the European market; now South America Brazil, the largest country, has adopted Ericsson’s equipment on a large scale, which is undoubtedly a big blow to the Chinese communication equipment manufacturers who have been hoping to open up the gap in this market.

The global communications equipment market is extremely competitive. In February 2020, China’s communications equipment manufacturer Huawei also ranked first in the 5G equipment market with 92 contracts. However, Huawei has not announced new orders for 5G equipment since then.

Subsequently, Ericsson suddenly emerged, 5G equipment contracts rapidly increased, and quickly exceeded one hundred; Nokia’s contract orders from July 2020 also increased rapidly; by May this year, Nokia had obtained 150 overtaking Ericsson, and Ericsson’s 5G equipment contracts were 136 copies.

With the basic confirmation of orders for 5G equipment in the European and American markets, Brazil, the largest country in South America, has become the focus of global communications equipment vendors. According to Ericsson executives, it has achieved a leading position in the Brazilian market, and this move is expected to support It surpassed Nokia.

The next most important market is the Indian market. The Indian market’s attitude towards communication equipment vendors is not clear. The news reported by domestic media is different, and everything will be clear only after the order is confirmed.

The 5G equipment market is the largest communications equipment market in the next ten years. Whoever can get out of it will get rich returns. If you miss this round of 5G equipment cake, the next round may have to wait until 2030 for commercial use of 6G. .

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