Dongfeng Qichen, Hangsheng Electronics, and NXP jointly realize the world’s first mass production of smart cockpits

Shanghai/Shenzhen, China-November 6, 2019-Today, Dongfeng Venues, Hangsheng Electronics and NXP Semiconductors jointly announced that with the listing of Dongfeng Venucia’s new Venucia T90, a new generation created by the cooperation of the three companies The first mass production of smart cockpits in the world is to promote the automotive industry to a higher safety and better travel experience in the future.

Dongfeng Qichen, Hangsheng Electronics, and NXP jointly realize the world’s first mass production of smart cockpits

A few days ago, the Dongfeng Qichen T90 annual facelift model was launched, and the “Venus 3.0PLUS” Electronic cockpit incorporated in it is particularly eye-catching. The smart cockpit was jointly developed by Dongfeng Nissan Technology Center, Hangsheng Electronics, and NXP. It integrates car home interconnection, full-time online navigation, newly upgraded voice interaction, mobile phone remote control of the car, smart security system, full-scene account service system, Eight functional scenarios such as high-quality entertainment experience and smart car-linked services bring a new, cost-effective, smart and fun driving experience.

Qichen Zhilian 3.0PLUS adopts the NXP i.MX 8 QuadMax processor platform. It is a system-level electronic cockpit solution that is truly customized for connected cars. It demonstrates industry-leading safety, high scalability, and excellent Entertainment information and graphics processing capabilities redefine the development path of the next generation of multi-sensory experience intelligent cockpits. In addition, with the help of a powerful visual pipeline and audio processing subsystem, the integration of visual and voice recognition interaction can fully meet the market demand for the ever-increasing amount of information that needs to be processed and displayed in real time.

Ma Lei, general manager of Dongfeng Qichen, said: “As the world’s first smart car equipped with NXP i. The 3.0 system can bring users a fast and smooth multimedia entertainment experience, and achieve a leap in car performance. We are very happy to adopt NXP’s latest technology on the new Venus T90. The future development of the Internet of Vehicles requires continuous breakthroughs like this Boundary products. We also look forward to deepening cooperation in the field of smart cars to bring consumers stronger and smarter smart car brains.”

Yang Hong, President of Shenzhen Hangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. said: “System advancement and stability, product scalability, and high cost performance are the primary requirements of Hangsheng. Since its listing, i. MX8 QuadMax is a product that has attracted much attention from the industry. The product provides a powerful processor platform for the in-vehicle infotainment system. Hangsheng’s strong R&D, system guarantee, and manufacturing capabilities, NXP’s deep technology accumulation and global partner ecosystem, undoubtedly contributed to this Venus T90 smart The development and first introduction of cockpit products to the market provide a guarantee. This product is the first mass-produced smart cockpit after Hangsheng and NXP reached a strategic cooperation. In the future, we will deepen the cooperation to provide better for Qichen and other strategic customers. The requested product.”

Kurt Sievers, President of NXP Semiconductors, said: “NXP is very pleased that through close cooperation with Hangsheng Electronics and Dongfeng Nissan Technology Center, the product development cycle has been greatly shortened, and the commercial impact of i. MX8 QuadMax in the global market has been expanded. This also proves once again. China’s automotive industry is leading the global in-car infotainment innovation. As the world’s largest automotive electronics provider, NXP is committed to providing system-level innovative technologies and support to partners in the Chinese automotive industry to jointly drive the future The transformation of automobile intelligence, safety, and interconnection.”

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