Dongfeng Fengshen: Overcome the chip crisis and achieve the goal of 120,000 vehicles

A few days ago, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd. called on its supplier partners to keep an eye on the market at its 2021 Supply Chain Partner Symposium, and cooperate with Dongfeng Fengshen to build core procurement competitiveness and help achieve its annual sales target of 120,000.

Dongfeng Fengshen: Overcome the chip crisis and achieve the goal of 120,000 vehicles

Image source: Dongfeng Passenger Car’s official website

Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles pointed out that in the face of the widespread shortage of chips in the industry, the management of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles attaches great importance to it. Starting from November 2020, it has launched three consecutive rounds of chip and Electronic material risk investigations to identify electronic material risks. There are 58 suppliers, and a CFT team that integrates R&D, process, manufacturing, purchasing, quality, marketing and other departments has been established to seek countermeasures to deal with the risk of production suspension and reduction caused by chip shortages.

According to reports, thanks to its active response to the problem of chip shortages, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company has a higher overall production satisfaction rate from January to May this year. At the same time, under the strategy of strengthening marketing reforms, Dongfeng Fengshen’s Monthly sales continued to increase.

Ding Shaobin, general manager and party secretary of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company, pointed out that the current domestic automobile market is still facing severe challenges, but as long as there is a chance, Dongfeng Fengshen will not hesitate to move forward.

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