Corning and Hyundai Mobis collaborate to launch a new augmented reality head-up display system

Corning, New York-Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced the launch of Corning® Curved Mirror Solution, a new product of its automotive glass solutions business unit, which has been selected by Hyundai Mobis as The mirror element of the augmented reality (AR) head-up Display (HUD) system. The system was unveiled on the pure electric mid-size CUV 2021 IONIQ 5 (IONIQ 5) model released by Hyundai Motor Group at the beginning of this year.

Corning and Hyundai Mobis collaborate to launch a new augmented reality head-up display systemDisplay system-1.jpg” alt=”Corning and Hyundai Mobis cooperate to launch an augmented reality head-up display system-1.jpg”/>

Nearly 5 million cars sold in 2020 will be equipped with head-up Display technology. As mainstream automakers quickly begin to adopt AR technology on auto parts with advanced interconnection capabilities, this number is expected to double by 2025. Corning provides high-quality, non-deformable mirror solutions to help automakers achieve a leading immersive connected driving experience.

Young Hoon Han, vice president of Hyundai Mobis, said: “High-quality mirrors are a key component of the Mobis head-up display system. Critical safety information is clearer. Our long-term cooperation with Corning has made it possible to release AR HUD products with large field of view and high-definition imaging.”

Compared with the traditional technology, the Corning mirror can make the display area projected on the windshield larger, and the projection distance is 5 times larger than that of the traditional technology.

“As the driving experience becomes more and more interconnected, immersive and interactive, the driver’s demand for advanced functions such as augmented reality is also more urgent.” said Mike Kunigonis, vice president and general manager of Corning Automotive Glass Solutions : “Corning’s technology can promote the realization of this truly unique driving experience, which is why Hyundai Mobis chose Corning’s curved mirror solution in its new-generation head-up display design.”

The head-up display system directly projects the driving information such as navigation and vehicle speed, which are usually displayed on the dashboard, onto the windshield in the driver’s head-up area through a mirror. AR HUDs is a more advanced head-up display technology, which turns the windshield into an immersive display, projecting large-scale, dynamic images onto the road in front of the driving field of view.

To achieve the interactive experience and immersive experience of the augmented reality version, the head-up display system requires high-quality mirrors. Corning used its industry advantages in the field of glass science and optical physics expertise, and the new experience of cooperation with Hyundai Mobis began. Through the joint industrialization efforts of both parties, Hyundai Mobis has announced a series of AR HUD system products using Corning’s curved mirror solution to meet the high demand of automakers in terms of product performance and reliability requirements.

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