Completion of integration in the United States, IDT will officially start operations as Renesas Electronics America from January 2020

Tokyo, Japan, January 6, 2020-Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), the world’s leading semiconductor solutions provider, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (formerly “IDT”) has completed the integration in the United States and will officially start operations as Renesas Electronics America from January 1, 2020.

Renesas Electronics Representative Director, President and CEO Shibata Hideri said: “In the rapidly changing global semiconductor market, Renesas Electronics, as the world’s leading supplier of embedded solutions, is striving to expand the analog product lineup to further strengthen the frontier of integration. Package solutions for MCU, SoC and analog products. Driven by the integration of IDT, Renesas is further accelerating its business development strategy, expanding its share in the fast-growing data economy-related markets such as infrastructure and data centers, and strengthening its presence in industry and Influence in the automotive field. Seamless integration with IDT will further accelerate the development of synergy between digital and analog products, provide deeper and wider customers with competitive value-added solutions, and open up new markets.”

Sailesh Chittipeddi, Executive Vice President of Renesas Electronics, Head of the Internet of Things and Infrastructure Business Division and President of Renesas Electronics America, said: “In just nine months after the completion of the acquisition, we have launched nearly 100 successful product portfolios that fully integrate Renesas Electronics. With IDT’s complementary products, the synergistic effect after the integration of the two parties is steadily realized. Now, the two parties have completed the integration in terms of name and entity, so that we are fully capable of providing customers with a wider range of high-value-added solutions.”

After the merger of the US corporate legal person, all the original IDT US outlets were officially renamed Renesas. Renesas will continue to integrate IDT subsidiaries in Asia and Europe. In principle, by the second half of 2020, all original IDT subsidiaries will be renamed “Renesas” to accelerate the organic growth of the enterprise group.

Since January 2020, the original IDT product brand has also been changed to Renesas (excluding products currently in mass production or research and development, and their derivatives or products with minor changes based on existing products).

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