CITE2022 assists the development of consumer electronics supply chain “Electronic Digital Life Pavilion” is newly launched

The Electronic information industry weather vane exhibition “The 10th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2022)” will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 9th ​​to 11th, 2022. There will be nine exhibition halls with an exhibition area of ​​more than 100,000. Square meters, gather more than 1,800 leading companies in the new generation of electronic information industry chain around the world, focus on Display and Internet of Things, integrated circuits, 5G technology and applications, consumer electronics, information technology application innovation, smart home, smart connected cars, big data storage Cutting-edge technologies and latest products related to the new industrial revolution. With the theme of “Ten Years of Endeavour and Smart Creation of the Future”, this year’s expo, relying on the regional advantages of the Greater Bay Area, starting from Shenzhen, China’s leading innovative technology city, is committed to building a high-end Display platform for the entire global electronic information industry chain, and is committed to promoting technology Industrial innovation to achieve high-quality development of China’s electronic information industry.

CITE2022 assists the development of consumer electronics supply chain “Electronic Digital Life Pavilion” is newly launched

Join hands with the Greater Bay Area to create the future smartly

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period of Guangdong, the whole province will be used to promote the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and support Shenzhen to build a pilot demonstration zone to do a good job in the construction of the “dual zone”. Guangdong Province and related cities actively implement the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan Outline”, build an international science and technology innovation center, and create a global technological innovation highland and an important source of emerging industries. As the headquarters of a number of global leading high-tech companies such as Huawei, Tencent, ZTE, DJI, Honor, TCL, and Skyworth, Shenzhen has its own genes for technological innovation, relying on the advantages of central cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and actively gathering innovative resources , Scientific and technological innovation activities, transformation of innovation achievements, etc., to realize the synergy and aggregation of industrial economy and regional economy, cultivate high-quality cooperation platforms, promote the high-end extension of my country’s industry to the global industrial chain, value chain, and innovation chain, and reshape global technological innovation and the future The new territory of industrial development provides strong support for my country to seize the opportunities of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and to promote high-quality economic development.

The development of the consumer electronics industry has entered the fast lane, which also reflects the changes in people’s lifestyles and consumption tendencies. Such changes are bound to be more thorough and deeper with the in-depth development of Internet technology, and bring industry opportunities. Continue to erupt. At the same time, 5G will also form an aggregation effect with big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc., to promote the Internet of Everything into the era of intelligent connection of all things, smart wearable devices, smart home appliances, smart cars, smart robots, etc. The terminal equipment will gradually become more popular, and the electronic life of the people will become more diversified.

CITE2022 takes advantage of the trend to compose a beautiful chapter of high-quality development

The leaders of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology praised that the China Electronic Information Expo has become the largest electronic information expo in the Asian region and the most complete industrial chain in the past ten years. It is also an annual event in the electronic information industry with international influence.

CITE2022 assists the development of consumer electronics supply chain “Electronic Digital Life Pavilion” is newly launched

The 10th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2022) will be highly focused on the “Electronic Digital Life Pavilion” in the consumer electronics sector. This pavilion combines an IoT innovation application area, a consumer electronics exhibition area, an electronic life experience area, an e-sports exhibition area, and entertainment images. Exhibition area, cross-border ecological chain exhibition area, etc. With the full launch of the 10th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2022), the Electronic Digital Life Pavilion will also join hands with many well-known manufacturers in the consumer field to make a new appearance at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

As one of the representatives of the China Electronic Information Expo, the Electronic Digital Life Pavilion mainly focuses on consumer electronics, small home appliances, smart mobile terminals, smart homes, games and entertainment, etc. The industry is more targeted and can better focus on presenting industrial innovation technologies and markets. Interpretation of business opportunities, policy trends, etc. The theme pavilion will unite more than a hundred cooperative units and strategic partners; invite downstream channel vendors, e-commerce, supermarkets, government and other procurement departments, the last session of Anker, Aoji, Hugo, Amazon (China), eBay ( China), Shopee, Wal-Mart (China), Lazada, Meituan, Suning, Haofang, Tongtuo and other well-known head buyers arrived to purchase, and invited more than 100+ technology industry media, small home appliance media, portals, short videos, etc. The media releases the whole process; the number of visitors is expected to exceed 20,000+, so as to create a grand event for the electronic technology life industry in the Asia-Pacific region and the global market.

Exhibition Introduction

The 10th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2022)

CITE2022 assists the development of consumer electronics supply chain “Electronic Digital Life Pavilion” is newly launched

April 9-11, 2022

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian)

The 10th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2022) is based on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, continuously gathering innovative resources, promoting scientific and technological innovation activities, and promoting the transformation of innovation results. It has added new vitality and impetus to the development of China’s electronic information industry, and has also become Shenzhen’s electronic information industry is a shining stage for showing its strength and style to the world. This year’s expo will be marked with “Forge ahead for ten years, smartly create the future“” as the theme, focusing on popular technology applications such as digital homes, smart terminals, integrated circuits, information technology application innovation, automotive electronics, industrial Internet, 5G and Internet of Things applications, new displays, big data storage and consumer life and other hot technology applications, bringing together domestic Well-known foreign companies attract high-quality buyers and elites in the industry, bring innovation and vitality to the booming electronics industry in South China, and contribute to economic recovery. The exhibition site will also open a number of industry forums and summits, and invite a number of industry leaders Conduct academic discussions and brainstorming in various sections for the electronics industry.

We all know each other, CITE2022 looks forward to the participation of all colleagues in the electronic information industry!

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