CITE2021 will be launched soon, detonating a new era of smart life

Under the intertwined influence of the new crown epidemic and a century of change, the global Electronic information industry has withstood severe tests. In 2020, when most countries are deeply trapped in mud, only China, which is the first to get out of the impact of the epidemic, has attracted foreign investment in China by virtue of its supply chain management capabilities and strong manufacturing advantages. From “new infrastructure” to “dual cycle”, a new round of electronic information technology revolution and smart industry transformation is constantly being staged in China.

In this new era of “Internet of Everything” led by the data-driven Internet of Things industry and digital transformation, global competition in the smart life industry has begun, and a trillion-scale market has ushered in giants. In three months, CITE2021 with the theme of “Innovation Drives High-quality Development” will kick off. The world-famous “China Electronic Information Expo” is not only a national platform to showcase the latest products and technologies of the global electronic information industry, but also The vane of innovative technology development. And in the smart life exhibition area that attracts attention, what can we see breathtaking hard-core innovations?

CITE2021 will be launched soon, detonating a new era of smart life

Smart life is accelerating, and technology giants are vying for layout

At present, the “digital intelligence” revolution is profoundly affecting the economic form of society and people’s lifestyles. From smart cities, smart manufacturing, and smart homes to unmanned cars, smart home appliances, and smart door locks, the huge industrial chain of smart life is driving the rapid development of all walks of life, bringing people high quality, health and intelligence. life. And these will become important points of the CITE2021 Smart Life exhibition area.

In fact, as a sunrise industry, Smart Life is welcoming the attention and participation of all giants under the background of favorable policies, advances in key technologies, and continuous improvement of the industrial system. By 2021, with the help of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, AI, and IoT, this track has gathered mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi, as well as Internet giants such as Baidu and Ali, and even traditional home appliance giants such as Haier and Midea. At the same time, many innovative companies focusing on the smart home direction have emerged, and the entire industry has shown a new pattern of contending hundreds of schools of thought.

The formation of a new pattern requires not only technological innovation, coordination of various industries, mutual benefit and win-win, but also a focused industrial planning and layout in order to open a new game amidst changes. Under the economic “dual cycle” pattern, accelerating the construction of new infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, big data, and industrial Internet is not only an effective way to give new momentum, but also the only way to promote the upgrading of traditional industries and the development of emerging industries through innovation.

It is understood that the smart life industry, as an important Display section of the China Electronics Information Expo, has attracted the participation of high-tech companies such as Huawei, Tsinghua Tongfang, Hisense, TCL, Konka, etc., and will showcase the latest products and technologies in their respective fields at CITE2021 , Based on a national platform, provides accurate and efficient industrial docking for the electronic information industry, can also enhance corporate brand awareness, and bring passenger flow, information flow, capital flow, supply chain support and other resources to exhibiting companies.

CITE2021 will be launched soon, detonating a new era of smart life

“Renchejia” wisdom upgrade, interpretation of hard-core technological innovation

In the face of the rise of the Z generation, high-end consumption and the new pattern of the smart life industry, how should Chinese technology companies seek breakthroughs from adversity? In fact, in the entire smart life industry chain, the first thing to detonate must be the new experience of smart life with the theme of “people, cars, homes”. In CITE2021, we will see the innovations of Hisense, TCL, Huawei, Konka, Tsinghua Tongfang and other companies in the fields of home Internet, 5G, AI, 8K ultra-high-definition, and industrial Internet.

It is worth noting that after smart screens and smart phones, the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem has become the next main battlefield for mobile phone manufacturers. In 2016, Huawei began to deploy the smart home field and released the HiLink protocol. In 2019, Huawei also Upgrade it to a full-scenario smart strategy. Therefore, at CITE2021, what we see is not only Huawei’s latest mobile phones and smart screens, but also the deep integration of core businesses such as mobile phones, tablets, smart screens, watches, etc., with mobile office, smart home, sports health, audio-visual entertainment, and Smart travel and other pan-IoT smart terminals, multi-industry coordinated development, and industry partners to create a full-scenario smart ecology.

CITE2021 will be launched soon, detonating a new era of smart life

In fact, behind the interpretation of the smart life industry chain is the changes in the business model of companies facing global market changes and the impact of the epidemic. With the awakening of health awareness, smart medical care, smart education, smart community, smart home, smart business, etc. Infrared sensor recognition, air purification and sterilization, home/community/office unattended disinfection, intelligent access control, elevator intelligent control and other solutions have surged in demand, and these innovations will become the focus of the CITE2021 smart life exhibition area.

To nurture opportunities in the crisis and start a new game amidst changes, CITE2021 has asked for a satisfactory answer to technological innovation.

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