Chairman of China Radio and Television: Promote 5G coverage of provincial capitals, cities and counties and large towns in 2021

On November 26, at the World 5G Conference, Song Qizhu, chairman of China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. and chairman of China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: China Radio and Television), said that China Radio and Television will make good use of the joint construction and sharing provided by the national competent authority. , Inter-network roaming, interconnection and interoperability and other major favorable policies, give play to new advantages, maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses, and realize the empowerment of new 5G networks as soon as possible. “In 2021, we will vigorously promote the 5G network coverage of provincial capitals, cities and counties, and large towns through joint construction and sharing.” Song Qizhu said.

On October 12, 2020, China Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 101.2 billion yuan, was formally established in Beijing, becoming the fourth largest operator in China. After the establishment of China Radio and Television, the 192 number segment mobile phone number will be issued in the future. In addition, China Radio and Television is expected to launch 4G services in addition to 5G services.

In May of this year, China Mobile announced the joint 5G construction and sharing with China Radio and Television. The two parties jointly determined a network construction plan to jointly invest in the construction of a 700MHz 5G wireless network at a ratio of 1:1, jointly own and have the right to use 700MHz 5G wireless network assets.

Co-construction and sharing are not achieved overnight. China Mobile Chairman Yang Jie revealed at the China Mobile financial report on August 13 that the two parties are discussing further details. There is no concrete network construction deployment for the entire 5G cooperation this year. It is expected that the two sides will jointly build and share 5G next year.

“The two parties are still discussing the details and basically have no plans to establish a joint venture company. The initial idea is that China Mobile will be responsible for the specific construction and operation, and China Radio and Television will share some expenses, and the plan and planning will be jointly determined by both parties. Of course, The specific content will be determined after mutual agreement.” Yang Jie said.

It is understood that, in accordance with the cooperation plan disclosed in May, China Mobile will provide China Radio and Television with a paid transmission bearer network from 700MHz frequency band 5G base stations to China Radio and Television’s docking points in cities or provinces, and open sharing of 2.6GHz band 5G networks for a fee. China Mobile will undertake the operation and maintenance of the 700MHz wireless network, and China Radio and Television will pay for the network operation and maintenance costs to China Mobile. Before the 5G network in the 700MHz frequency band is ready for commercial use, China Radio and Television will share China Mobile’s 2G/4G/5G network for a fee to provide services to its customers. China Mobile provides paid international business transfer services for China Radio and Television.

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