BYD Semiconductor announces the completion of independent research and development of new power device driver chips, realizing mass supply

Recently, BYD semiconductor continued to integrate its own advantages based on the solid foundation of previous research and development results, and successfully independently developed and mass-produced the BF1181 1200V power device driver chip. In December this year, it realized mass supply to major manufacturers.

BF1181 is a magnetically isolated single-channel gate driver chip, used to drive 1200V power devices, and has excellent dynamic performance and working stability, and integrates a variety of functions, such as fault alarm, active Miller clamp, main Secondary undervoltage protection, etc. BF1181 also integrates an analog level detection function, which can be used to achieve temperature or voltage detection, and improve the versatility of the chip, further simplifying the system design, such as size and cost.

In order to use the power device safely and reliably, and realize the real-time control of the on and off of the power device by the low-voltage drive signal of the MCU, the power device driver chip is indispensable, which integrates the drive function and various protection functions. It can be said that every power device needs a driver chip-a suitable driver chip can make the power Electronic system more effective.

However, my country’s automotive power device driver chips are currently mainly dependent on imports. Previously, there were basically no automotive-grade high-voltage power device driver chips that could meet the application in China.

BYD Semiconductor has been deeply involved in the field of power semiconductors and integrated circuits for 17 years, giving full play to the outstanding advantages of the combination of microelectronics technology and power electronic technology. Widely used in the field of home appliances.BYD Semiconductor has mass-produced 600V power device driver chips in 2011

Today, BYD Semiconductor’s independent research and development of the 1200V driver chip BF1181, its application range is wider, can be applied to EV/HEV power supply modules, industrial motor control drives, industrial power supplies, solar inverters and other fields. Prior to this, the power device driver chip has a low single value and is easily ignored in the cost of automotive electronic systems. However, it goes hand-in-hand with power devices in automotive electronic systems and plays an important role in new energy vehicles. effect.

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