Baidu’s self-developed Kunlun Core 2 is officially mass-produced, and it has been adapted to Feiteng, Kirin, etc.

On August 18th, Robin Li, the founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, released the second-generation Baidu Kunlun AI chip “Kunlun Core 2” independently developed at the Baidu World Conference 2021, and announced the realization of mass production.

It is reported that the Kunlun 2 chip uses the world’s leading 7nm process and is equipped with a self-developed second-generation XPU architecture. Compared with the Kunlun 1st generation, the product versatility is significantly enhanced, and the performance is increased by 2-3 times. This chip is the first general-purpose AI chip in China that uses video memory, and is of great value for promoting domestic AI chip technology research and development and commercial implementation. In addition, Kunlun Core 2 is also highly integrated with ARM CPU computing power, and supports high-speed interconnection, security and virtualization.

Li Yanhong introduced that the newly upgraded “Kunlun Core 2” can be applied to multiple scenarios such as cloud, terminal, and edge, and can be applied to the Internet, smart city, smart industry and other fields. It will also empower high-performance computer clusters, biological computing, intelligent transportation, Unmanned driving and other wider spaces.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the self-developed XPU architecture and a number of independent designs, the Kunlun Core AI chip has also cooperated with many domestic general-purpose processors such as Feiteng, many domestic operating systems such as Kirin, and Baidu’s self-developed flying paddle deep learning The framework has completed end-to-end adaptation and has a full-stack domestic AI capability that integrates software and hardware.

In July 2018, Robin Li announced that Baidu’s self-developed AI chip was named Kunlun, and related business departments were established. In March this year, Kunlun chip business completed the signing of an independent financing agreement, with a post-investment valuation of approximately RMB 13 billion. On June 25, Kunlun chip business established an independent new company, Kunlun Core (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., with Ouyang Jian, chief architect of Baidu chip, as the company’s CEO.

Baidu Kunlun chip is a high-performance, general-purpose AI computing processor designed for cloud and edge artificial intelligence services based on Baidu’s independent research and development of advanced XPU architecture. The first generation of Kunlun chips was mass-produced in early 2020. At present, more than 20,000 chips have been deployed on a large scale, which can efficiently and stably support the AI ​​business landing of customers in industries such as smart cloud/computing centers, smart manufacturing, smart medical, and smart cities.



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