Are you still worried about where there is a complete range of imported AOS semiconductors?

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Inc.-Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Inc. or AOS, semiconductor developers and global suppliers. Various power semiconductors, including various power MOSFETs and power IC products. AOS is committed to optimizing product performance and cost by integrating its expertise in device physics, process technology, design, and advanced packaging to differentiate itself. Its product portfolio is designed to meet high-volume requirements including portable computers. Increasing energy efficiency requirements in applications. Flat screen TV, battery pack, portable media player and power supply.

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor is a semiconductor research and development company that develops advanced analog power management solutions. AOS provides a broad product portfolio including power MOSFETs, power ICs and transient voltage suppressors, and integrates device design, silicon and packaging technology. AOS products meet mass consumer applications such as portable and desktop computers, digital cameras, mobile phones and LCD displays. The ever-increasing need for performance and efficiency of panels, etc. AOS has offices around the world, including the United States, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

Shenzhen Chuangwei Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded for 8 years, focusing on AOS sales, providing customers with a full range of products and services, with guaranteed quality, and the same for 8 years.The following are some of AOS products

AOS product list

Circuit Protection (94)

TVS-Diode (94)

Discrete Semiconductor Products (1427)

Transistor-FET, MOSFET-Single (1145)

Transistor-FET, MOSFET-Array (231)

Transistor-UGBT, MOSFET-Single (51)

Integrated Circuits (IC) (191)

PMIC-LED Driver (8)

PMIC-PFC (Power Factor Correction)(1)

PMIC-Battery Management (7)

PMIC-Power Distribution Switch, Load Driver (34)

PMIC-Voltage Regulator-DC DC Switching Regulator (123)

PMIC-Voltage Regulator-Linear (4)

PMIC-Display Driver (1)

Interface-analog switch-dedicated (3)

Interface-analog switch, multiplexer, demultiplexer (10)

Filter (26)

EMI/RFI filter (LC, RC network) (26)

Shenzhen Chuangwei Electronics Co., Ltd. ( is a one-stop enterprise engaged in automated machinery and Electronic component solutions, service support, logistics and transportation manufactured by world-renowned manufacturers. Customers cover all parts of the country, and products are widely used in civil, industrial production, national defense and other industries.

The company insists on the business management philosophy of “quality first, top service items”, takes high-tech as the key, customer-oriented, and presents high-quality service items; the core concept of independent innovation and logical thinking, pursues perfection and achieves success, recruits talents Talent, pioneering and enterprising, and constantly improve the competitive advantage of the enterprise. The enterprise is dedicated to working with you hand in hand to build a top company with each other and create a better tomorrow together. Main business well-known brands are given: AOS, Johanson, ITT CANNON, Amphenol, Schaffner, Harting, Azbil, TE/Amp/Tyco, MOLEX, Delphl, SOLA, MURATA, ST, ROHM and other imported well-known brand capacitors, connectors, insurance Tubes, filters, controllers, switching power supplies, power switches and other products.

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