Apple will release a new product Intel CEO: Hope to allow Apple to reuse our chips

Intel is a global leader in the semiconductor industry and computing innovation, founded in 1968. Today, Intel is transforming into a data-centric company. Together with its partners, Intel promotes innovation and application breakthroughs in turning technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and intelligent edge, and drives the world of intelligent interconnection.

As one of the two largest computer CPU manufacturers in the world, Intel can be said to have a very large influence in the PC field. However, they stumbled on Apple. Beginning last year, Apple abandoned the Intel chips that have been used for many years on some products such as MacBook Air, and replaced it with its own new chip M1, which was a big blow to Intel. Recently, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said that Intel still hopes to win back Apple as a customer, but he also believes that this can only be achieved by winning the competition with Apple’s self-developed chips.

In a recent interview, Gelsinger expressed his views on Apple’s approach. He does not blame Apple for giving up Intel and deciding to produce its own chips. In his opinion, Apple decided to make its own chips and made a better chip than Intel, so it is not surprising that it chose to abandon Intel. Therefore, Intel needs to make better chips than Apple to change this. At the same time, he said that he hopes that over time, Intel can win back their business and many other businesses.

According to reports, Intel CEO Kissinger said in the “Axios on HBO” program broadcast on the evening of October 17 that he does not blame Apple for abandoning Intel and deciding to build its own chips, but hopes to win back this customer.

Apple will release a new product Intel CEO: Hope to allow Apple to reuse our chips

“Apple thinks it can make chips better than us, and they do it very well,” he said. “So I have to build a better chip than they can do. I hope to win back their business and many other businesses.”

“At the same time, I have to make sure that our products are better than theirs, my ecosystem is more open and dynamic than theirs, and we have to provide developers and users with a more convincing reason to let them Use Intel-based products,” Kissinger said.

Kissinger pointed out that it may take years to win Apple back. Another option is for Apple to end up using Intel’s chip manufacturing facilities. Intel already produces chips for Amazon and Qualcomm.

The official version of Windows 11 has been pushed, and the performance of Intel processor users has been optimized. However, AMD Ryzen users have been speechless. The new Win11 has a bug for AMD processing, which degrades the performance of Ryzen processors. It seems that Microsoft is deliberately suppressing AMD. . A recent Win11 guidance document stated that Intel’s intention to be biased towards Intel has become even more obvious, and even caused AMD fans to complain.

A few days ago, Microsoft shared a document in the Windows Resource Center, which is intended to guide users to better experience the Win11 system by purchasing a new PC, which mentions the use of SSD as a boot disk and so on. Among them, Microsoft also mentioned that professional notebooks with the Intel Evo certification mark can be trusted.

This makes the majority of AMD fans a little dissatisfied. After all, Intel Evo thinks that it corresponds to AMD Advantage certification (Ryzen 5000+RX 6000M platform), which is also compatible with Win11.

Intel will announce its financial results for the third quarter of its 2021 fiscal year after the US stock market on October 21, Eastern time (in the morning of October 22, Beijing time). The market predicts that Intel’s Q3 earnings per share were US$1.11 and revenue was US$18.24 billion; in the same period last year, earnings per share were US$1.11 and revenue was US$18.33 billion.

In the past six months, the chip giant’s stock price has fallen 16%, while the S&P 500 index has risen 7%. The company’s financial results announced in the first two quarters did not make investors excited about its long-term growth prospects. Although Intel’s revenue has exceeded market expectations for 10 consecutive quarters, investors are disappointed by the company’s lack of progress in key business areas, especially data center and client computing businesses, which account for the company’s quarterly revenue. 30% and 50% of the total.

The success of its competitors AMD (AMD.US) and Nvidia (NVDA.US) in several important chip development projects and the increase in market share have further magnified Intel’s weakness in these areas. Although Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger has done a good job in changing the company’s negative image, the company must prove itself to the market in its third-quarter earnings report while also demonstrating the many growth initiatives that the company can still achieve. Upside potential.

In an exchange with Ming Kee, Intel CEO Pat Kissinger was asked again about the topic of Apple Mac “cleaning” Intel processors. The other party pointedly said, “Has Intel given up on Mac orders?” Kissinger responded Believe that, will never give up any opportunity to run Intel chips. He admitted that he has encountered some obstacles on the Apple Mac, but hopes to regain the favor of Apple by building a better chip.

Kissinger said generously that Apple’s self-developed chips performed very well, and we must improve them. He then added, insisting that Intel is the best choice, including having a more open ecology and richer product categories. It is expected that after tonight’s press conference, only the Mac Pro in the Apple Mac family will still use Intel processors, but at the latest next year, the switch should be completed.

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