Apple has another Mini LED boom, are domestic supply chain manufacturers ready?

Recently, Apple released a new product MacBook Pro. Due to the application of Mini LED technology again, “Mini LED backlight” has once again been refreshed in the industry.

In addition to driving a new round of enthusiasm, the release of Apple products will also drive the development of Mini LED in the NB market, which is beneficial to various manufacturers in the Mini LED supply chain.

According to the statistics of the relevant trends of Mini LED manufacturers, it can be seen that under the pull of the market and technology this year, most LED companies have achieved new breakthroughs in the progress of Mini LED, not only to achieve technical upgrades, and accelerate product landing, but also in the market. , It has also achieved product landing in TV, MNT, NB, automotive and other fields.

Chip company

Apple has another Mini LED boom, are domestic supply chain manufacturers ready?

On the chip side, Fucai and Sanan have achieved stable shipments due to stable supply of Apple and Samsung, two well-known international manufacturers.

It is worth noting that this year, HC Semitek’s Mini LED chips have been supplied to many well-known terminal products. In July, Huawei V75 Super smart screen and in September Skyworth Mingliping Smart Mini LED TV Q72, Mini LED chip suppliers are HC Semitek. In addition, HC Semitek and BOE jointly developed Mini LED active glass-based technology to achieve A major breakthrough in the field of Mini LED technology. Not only in the TV program, HC Semitek said that in the NB program, in accordance with the characteristics of ultra-thin, low energy consumption and high integration of notebook products, it has developed high-reliability, high-luminous efficiency and large-angle chip solutions, and mass production and supply Major international and domestic factories. It is reported that HC Semitek and TCL Huaxing have previously developed a 15.6-inch high-end Mini LED business notebook.

Apple has another Mini LED boom, are domestic supply chain manufacturers ready?

Huacan Mini Backlight Chip Series (Volume Product/Customized Parallel)

Packaging companies

Apple has another Mini LED boom, are domestic supply chain manufacturers ready?

The progress of packaging manufacturers is different. On the whole, most manufacturers have the ability to supply in batches and realize small-volume supply, and have achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1. Most of them are between 0 and 12, and the pitch is between 1.6 and 26mm.

National Star Optoelectronics

At present, National Star Optoelectronics Mini LED backlight products mainly adopt the two technical routes of Mini POB and COB. The products are mainly used in large-size TVs, high-end displays, commercial Display and other terminal fields. Mass shipments have been achieved, and cooperative customers are well-known at home and abroad. Dachang. In terms of POB, its latest third-generation Mini POB solution backlight products have achieved stable shipments in large quantities. The products are used in 65-inch/75-inch TVs and 27-inch high-end displays, and have been applied to TCL’s first Mini LED 8K. On TV. In addition, the proofing, trial production and mass production of small batches of trial products of many new Mini POB backlights of National Star Optoelectronics are accelerating, and they will be applied to 31.5-inch/34-inch monitors, 55-inch TVs, and 86-inch indoor educational advertising machines. And other high-end terminal products.

In terms of COB, National Star Optoelectronics has established a complete Mini COB backlight fully automated production line and intelligently upgraded production equipment. Mini COB packaging products have been connected with TCL and other internationally renowned manufacturers. The products cover OD0/OD3/OD5/OD10/OD15 series and are used in TV, high-end displays, laptops, tablets and other terminal backlight products.

Dongshan Precision products include POB and COB solutions. In the application of medium and large size products such as MNT and TV, the POB solution uses 0404&0606 blue and white lamp solutions, and wide-angle lamp beads; while the COB solution uses PCB + flip chip + optical lens glue. It is reported that its products are used in 32, 55, 65, 75, 86 TVs. In the application of NB&PAD, Mini LED in Dongshan Precision products can easily achieve a uniformity of more than 90%; Mini LED blue chip can achieve high color gamut LED effect; LCM brightness can achieve more than 1000.

Zhaochi Mitsumoto

Zhaochi Optoelectronics mainly uses three schemes: POB, NCSP and COB. POB adopts 3528 flip-chip packaging technology. On the one hand, flip-chip has good heat dissipation, effectively reduces product thermal resistance, and can improve product reliability. The yield and consistency are effectively guaranteed. NCSP is the earliest Mini BLU product developed by Zhaochi Optoelectronics. It adopts a 1010 package and uses the top coating design of the lamp bead to achieve a large angle of 155°-165° to achieve a better backlight mixing effect. The COB solution uses PCB + flip chip (DBR technology) + optical lens glue technology. It can realize the large-angle light emission of the chip, and then match the optical lens glue to achieve a large-angle 150-degree uniform light emission. At present, Zhaochi Guangyuan has completed the preliminary design and development and entered the mass production stage.

Hongli Zhihui

Hongli Zhihui has cooperated with many domestic and foreign first-line brand manufacturers to successively launch terminal products equipped with Mini LED backlight technology this year, including VR glasses, notebooks, TVs and other product applications have been launched. In the notebook project, as a supplier of the Mini LED backlight (light board) of the Raytheon zero notebook, it has achieved mass production of a variety of products such as 15.6-inch. At the same time, a number of well-known modules and terminals have conducted in-depth cooperation with Hongli Zhihui on the laptop project, and are currently in the product trial production and verification stage. It is planned to realize mass production in the first half of 2022. In terms of production and capacity, Hongli Zhihui has a full-process, high-precision, high-yield, and highly automated Mini LED backlight panel and Display module production line, and has established a semiconductor solid-state solution for large-size full-page backlight panels. Crystal technology. In addition, Hongli Zhihui fully launched the second phase of the Mini/Micro LED project this year. The total construction area of ​​the project is nearly 178,400 square meters, and the annual output value is expected to reach 4 billion yuan after it is fully operational.

Jinko Electronics

Jinko Electronics has the ability to design and develop Mini LED backlight solutions, and has formed a series of Mini LED backlight solutions for TV and car screens. It has established multiple Mini LED backlight production lines and established cooperation with international customers, covering TV sets. , Car display and other application fields, the products are expected to be mass produced in Q4.

Jingtai shares

Jingtai products are mainly based on POB solutions, and its first POB backlight package product has entered the supply chain of some customers, and is being shipped stably in batches, and its production capacity has also increased from 2000KK to 6000KK. Jingtai Mini LED backlight packaging solutions are mainly based on small-pitch CHIP backlight devices, using planar packaging technology, with large angles (>160°), high brightness, mature packaging technology, long life, high reliability, high cost performance and can be based on Different application OD and Pitch customization. The specific parameters of the two products are as follows:

Modular Enterprise

Longli Technology’s current Mini LED technology and products can be applied to vehicles, tablets, laptops, TVs, monitors, and smart wearables. In 2020, Longli Technology has increased by 255 million to build a Mini-LED backlight production workshop in Fuyong, Shenzhen. In 2021, it will once again increase its Mini-LED production capacity by 850 million. Longli Technology already has a mass-produced production line and supplies new energy vehicle manufacturers, traditional car manufacturers and consumer electronics brands, and has a leading advantage.

At present, the Mini LED products released by Longli Technology include the 13.3-inch Mini LED flat panel computer monitor co-developed with TCL, the world’s first 34-inch Mini LED curved gaming monitor, and the 31.5-inch Mini LED monitor co-released with Konka. Longli Technology said that its Mini LED backlight module will introduce more application customers to comprehensively improve the level of picture quality.

Voge Optoelectronics has developed Mini LED glass substrate-related products. In the field of backlighting, it has developed samples of 1152 zone 15.6 inches and 2048 zone 75 inches, and has begun to cooperate with large-scale panel and end customer manufacturers to develop and realize some Small batch production.


Following Apple’s release of the iPad Pro using Mini LED, Apple once again voted on the Mini LED display technology route with practical actions. This will mean that Mini LED will not only start to gain the tablet market, but also begin to attack the NB market. As far as the supply chain is concerned, the commercialization of Mini LED backlights is indeed clearer.

According to expert Research, by 2025, the total output value of Mini LED backlight chips will reach 1.398 billion U.S. dollars, and the output value of Mini LED backlight panels will reach 6.164 billion U.S. dollars, with a compound growth rate of more than 50%. It is estimated that by 2025, Mini LED backlight NB is expected to exceed 20 million units, with a penetration rate of 10%.

In this context, domestic supply chain manufacturers have undergone long-term technological precipitation, most of which have achieved mass shipments, and some have achieved product landing. As terminal manufacturers such as Apple gradually introduce Mini LED products, it is beneficial to Mini LED supply chain players. . But similarly, the technical reserves of the supply chain will also determine the volume of Mini LED products. The technological maturity of the upstream industry chain is expected to be further improved, and basic parameters such as the number of partitions will be promoted, so as to achieve technology optimization and cost reduction, and ultimately help Push Mini LED backlight to further popularize.

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