AGV wireless communication solution for Advantech’s automotive production line

The so-called AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle, which does not require a driver, can automatically travel along a prescribed guided path, has safety protection and various transfer functions, and is often used for transportation in production logistics systems. Transfer workshop accessories.

The introduction of the AGV system meets the needs of intelligent workshop manufacturing. However, how to monitor AGV trolleys in a large number of workshops and how to ensure that the monitoring methods are efficient and accurate are the problems that must be solved by the current AGV vehicle monitoring system.

system requirement

Logistics management has always been an important link for manufacturing companies to improve production efficiency and save costs. Especially for the automobile manufacturing industry, its significance is beyond doubt. The car production workshop has a huge area, and a large number of AGV cars travel automatically in an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters in total. The monitoring center needs to read the operation status of the AGV cars, and read the faults and alarms of the cars in time, and control for different conditions For the specific actions of the AGV trolley, the system must be real-time and accurate. It is particularly important to ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the AGV vehicle monitoring system and to improve the efficiency of the automobile production line. In this project, in view of the working mode of the AGV trolley, the communication between the trolley and the monitoring center decided to use wireless communication. The following is the specific communication plan:

The AGV vehicle monitoring system is mainly composed of configuration control software, wireless communication system and on-board PLC. The communication system consists of wireless AP and wireless serial server products. The wireless APs are installed in different areas of the workshop, and the wireless serial server is installed in the AGV. Inside the car body, a wireless connection is established. The system has a fast roaming function, which enables the wireless serial server to quickly connect to the wireless AP with the best signal strength to ensure reliable communication between the monitoring center and the AGV vehicle in motion.

Project implementation

The AGV vehicle communication system consists of three parts: wireless AP, serial port server, and configuration software. The communication network adopts wireless communication, which is connected with the terminal of the vehicle through a wireless AP to ensure that the communication is stable and convenient.

Advantech’s EKI-6311GN is a high-performance wireless AP with a controller that supports the IEE802.11n protocol, and its transmission rate is more than three times that of traditional 802.11g products. EKI-6311GN also supports protocols such as STP and IGMP Snooping, which can effectively improve the quality of wireless network connections. In terms of network security, EKI-6311GN provides all currently released encryption methods, such as 64/128/512 bit WEP encryption and Encryption methods such as WPA2/WPA/802.1x provide favorable security guarantee for network transmission. In addition, 6311GN also supports PoE power supply mode, which greatly facilitates the connection of on-site power supply.

The wireless serial server transparently transmits serial data to the wireless Ethernet network. One end of the serial port is connected to the AGV vehicle PLC, and the other end uses WiFi for communication. Advantech’s EKI-1351 is a wireless serial server that supports 802.11b/g protocol. It can connect to the host efficiently via WiFi, and transmit RS-232/422/485-based serial data to the host computer program for monitoring.

Industrial configuration software has a wide range of applications in automatic data acquisition and control systems. From device drivers that control specific hardware interfaces to data reading, they all play an important role. Advantech’s WebAccess configuration software is an excellent industrial control configuration software based on the browser B/S architecture, allowing users to conveniently carry out remote control and configuration through the browser software, even across the Internet. WebAccess adopts the design concept of central database and distributed system architecture. It is a complete monitoring configuration software with powerful functions, integrated collection automation tools, man-machine interface/monitoring application.

Equipment selection

AGV wireless communication solution for Advantech’s automotive production line

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