Advantech’s overall solution to improve factory automation efficiency

Background of the project

A well-known domestic manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of kitchen and household appliances such as gas stoves, water heaters, range hoods, etc., in order to improve the efficiency of its factory management, introduced the MES system, but unfortunately, the machinery and equipment used in the kitchen are too old , So that important data in the production process cannot be directly connected with the system, and the data needs to be uploaded by manual means. This mode of operation is not only easy to cause human error, but also greatly increases the workload of the operators. At the same time, punching machines and related equipment are installed everywhere in the factory. Such an environment is not suitable for on-site network wiring operations; the gas appliance factory is a high-temperature and dusty environment without air conditioning, which also requires related devices to provide better Performance can meet the requirements of smooth operation under such strict conditions.

System specification
In this case, some of the customer’s equipment had no data collection equipment because it was too old, and this important data would affect the manufacturing quality. In this project, Advantech selected three ADAM acquisition modules. Advantech uses the robust acquisition module ADAM-4100 series designed for reliable operation in harsh environments. With its compact design and multi-functional universal interface, it builds a bridge between the sensor and the computer. The analog input module ADAM-4117 is used to collect data on the cylinder pressure, and the thermocouple input module ADAM-4118 is used to collect the temperature changes of the machine. Another isolated digital input module, ADAM-4051, which is especially suitable for critical applications, uses its excellent function of isolated digital input to calculate the number of runs for the processing operations of the punching machine.

At the same time, Advantech uses the embedded fanless industrial computer UNO-2174A as the gateway to obtain the field signals collected by PLC and ADAM equipment, and transmit this data to Advantech WebAccess installed in the IT control room, which is responsible for sending the data to the MES . The embedded fanless industrial computer provides excellent communication functions for MES applications. It has a Gigabit Ethernet port, multiple I/Os, PCIe slots, IP40 protection level certification, and wide temperature operation (-10~70°C) And other characteristics make it the best choice to ensure stable operation in harsh operating environments.

Project implementation



Advantech WebAccess

Browser-based HMI/SCADA software


Automated computer with built-in Intel Atom N450 processor, with 6 x USB, 8 x COM, 2 x Mini PCIe


Rugged 8-channel analog input module, support Modbus


Rugged 8-channel thermocouple input module, support Modbus


16-channel isolated digital input module, support Modbus

system structure

Advantech’s overall solution to improve factory automation efficiency

Advantech’s overall solution to improve factory automation efficiency

in conclusion

In response to this solution, Advantech can not only provide hardware, software products and professional services, but also help customers achieve the goal of high-efficiency factory automation. Advantech’s products have passed the customer’s 24-hour burn-in test and have strong stability; they are compatible with PLCs, sensors and other equipment from different suppliers of various brands from different suppliers, collect on-site information, and pass Advantech’s open The connection of the structured graphic control software and MES allows customers to accurately and timely grasp the production status. Therefore, customers who adopt Advantech’s overall solution can reduce management costs and effectively solve the problem of manual errors while achieving increased production capacity and product qualification rate.

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