63% of non-Chinese smart speaker users intend to buy smart speakers in the next twelve months

The latest consumer survey results released by Strategy Analytics confirm the explosive growth of smart speakers in China. The report “2019 Smart Speaker User Survey-China Results” found that 63% of current non-smart speaker users plan to purchase smart speakers within one year. Another 22% said that they will buy smart speakers later, indicating that at least an additional 85% of non-smart speaker users will buy smart speakers. The research is based on a survey of 1044 smart speaker users in China in July and August 2019.

Strategy Analytics estimates that there are currently approximately 35 million households in China with smart speakers. Existing users have an extremely positive attitude towards these devices, and nearly 90% of users say they are much more useful than expected. 59% of Chinese users said they would not be able to imagine life without smart speakers.

On average, more than half of users have more than one smart speaker. Compared with the US and European markets, smart displays are already an important part of the market, accounting for one-third of the smart speakers used.

In terms of brand recognition, 71% of Chinese consumers (including existing smart speaker users and non-smart speaker users) know that Xiaomi provides smart speakers, compared with 53% for Huawei, 47% for Baidu and 47% for Alibaba. 37% and 34% for apples.

David Watkins, Director of Smart Speakers and Screen Services at Strategy Analytics, said: “The Chinese smart speaker market is growing rapidly. This study shows that Chinese consumers like the convenience and entertainment value provided by smart speakers. If Chinese consumers’ expectations become a reality, Then in the next few years, smart speakers will become popular in most Chinese households.”


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