5G+ smart drilling rigs are released, Sunward is committed to creating a complete set of green smart mining equipment

China Economic Weekly-Economic Net News On December 1, the introduction of Sunward Intelligent Green Smart Mine Complete Equipment and the 5G+ Smart Drill Press Conference was held in Sunward Industrial City. At the meeting, more than 20 types of mining equipment in 5 categories were heavily assembled, and the world’s first 5G+ smart drilling rig was officially released, fully demonstrating Sunward’s hard-core strength in leading the industry in green manufacturing and smart manufacturing.

Heavy assembly of green and smart mining equipment

Digital economy and green mines are the direction of mining development clearly pointed out by the party and the state in the 14th Five-Year Plan. The carbon peak and carbon neutral strategy is forcing the mining industry to move towards high-quality development.

Focusing on the construction of green smart mines, Sunward Intelligent has built a complete set of integrated green smart mine equipment covering the whole process of drilling, digging, transportation, crushing, processing, smelting, etc., relying on years of accumulation and new technology plus new equipment as an important support. , To provide mining customers with a full range, full range, one-stop green smart mine construction solutions.

In this promotion meeting, drilling and blasting tools-down-the-hole drilling rigs, surface drilling rigs and other series of rock drilling equipment, digging and loading weights-mining excavators, carrying weights-mining trucks, screening weights- —Crushing and screening equipment, beneficiation and smelting heavy equipment-mining equipment such as series of beneficiation and smelting equipment, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles, 5G remote control excavators and other “air-ground” coordinated mine emergency rescue equipment has been heavily assembled, fully demonstrating Sunward Intelligence The technical strength to lead the high-quality development of the industry.

He Qinghua said that it is expected that by the end of this year, Sunward Intelligent’s smart driverless mining card will also be successfully launched. Mining trucks with a load of more than 100 tons will be off the assembly line in March next year, and large mining excavators with a load of more than 100 tons will also be launched. The development is being stepped up. By then, Sunward Intelligent will have a more complete set of green and smart mining equipment including smart drilling rigs, smart remote control excavators, electric excavators, energy-saving excavators, smart mining cards, smart crushing and screening equipment, and a series of smart mining and metallurgical equipment. , To provide assistance for carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

In addition to these new equipment, Sunward Intelligent Smart Mine’s complete construction plan also includes new technologies such as unmanned driving technology, remote control technology, 5G communication technology, big data technology, and Internet of Things technology.

“For a single mining area, Sunward Intelligence builds a central platform for customers that can realize the fusion analysis of information in a single mine scene, provide scheduling decision-making, fault monitoring, route planning and collaborative operation for different transportation scenarios, and realize the ability of remote control and automatic driving. For multi-mining areas, it can carry the operation and management of multiple smart mines. According to the various business conditions of the mining area, statistically analyze the operation data and upload it to the intelligent management platform center, and Display it in the big data center for customers.” Sunward Intelligent Mining According to Qin Wenkai, director of the First Research Institute of the General Research Institute of the Machinery Business Unit, Sunward’s complete set of construction plans for intelligent smart mines will create greater value for customers.

5G+ smart drilling rig officially released

At the press conference, the “I” series of 5G+ smart drilling rig independently developed by Sunward Intelligent was unveiled. According to the relevant person in charge of Sunward Intelligent, this is the world’s first unmanned down-the-hole drilling rig for open-pit mine blasting construction and the world’s first. The 5G remote control down-the-hole drilling rig has industry-leading key performance parameters, and a number of key core technologies are the world’s first.

This new product not only has the manual control operation function of ordinary drilling rigs, but also can use 5G+ remote remote control monitoring, Beidou high-precision positioning, big data processing, and automatic driving under two independent control modes of remote control warehouse remote control and program autonomous control. Advanced control technologies such as remote drilling, automatic positioning, trajectory planning, remote watchkeeping, Electronic fences, common bottom control and report output, etc., and can carry out multi-machine coordination and autonomous operation, and the drilling accuracy can be controlled within 2 cm , The depth error is within 10 cm.

“This purely unmanned drilling rig, only needs to enter the program, it can automatically find the location, automatically output the corresponding parameters according to the rock formation, and automatically leave to find the next hole after drilling. At present, this technology is in the entire industry. In a leading position.” Shu Minfei, Executive Deputy General Manager of Sunward Intelligent Rock Drilling Equipment Division, introduced.

From the field test, it is undoubtedly a smart drilling rig with excellent performance, safety and reliability, and “thinking”. It can meet the requirements of construction safety and personnel working environment to improve and reduce energy consumption. It can be widely used in China. Large-scale open blast hole construction project.

According to the person in charge of research and development, due to the industry gap in the research of autonomous driving technology for non-road engineering equipment, the research and development team has gone through 5 years of research and development through continuous exploration and exploration without mature experience for reference, 6 months of field testing and Optimization, this 5G+ smart drilling rig was successfully launched.

Create a model of innovative development

In fact, as a pioneer of high-end rock drilling equipment in China, Sunward Intelligent began to develop modern mining equipment as early as its establishment, including integrated down-the-hole drilling rigs, hydraulic rock drills, underground hydraulic rock drilling rigs, and open-pit hydraulic rock drilling rigs. High-efficiency and energy-saving products such as trucks, cutting rigs, screw pile drilling rigs, and three-arm rock drilling rigs have filled the gaps in the country, and have been rolled off the production line in Sunward Intelligent, and are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa and other regions.

At present, the comprehensive implementation of green development and the establishment of a green manufacturing system for construction machinery have become the development trend of the industry. It is an inevitable requirement for equipment manufacturing companies to implement the “dual carbon” strategy, create new market demands, and achieve high-quality sustainable development of the company.

Adhering to the concept of green development and in-depth implementation of the “dual-carbon” strategy, Sunward Intelligent has actively carried out a series of technological breakthroughs with the goal of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, and has achieved outstanding results.

Especially in recent years, the future development direction of Sunward’s intelligent anchoring equipment manufacturing, innovative application of intelligent and energy-saving technology, a large number of intelligent equipment and green equipment have been below the line and entered the market, which has been praised by customers. Sunward’s 5G intelligent remote control excavators have taken the lead in global batch shipments and realized engineering applications. 5G intelligent rotary drilling rigs have achieved cross-provincial remote control operations for the first time in the world, and 5G aerial work platforms and intelligent crushing and screening equipment are leading the industry.

Relying on its innovation and strength in green intelligent manufacturing, Sunward Intelligent has successively won many honorary titles such as the National Green Factory, the 2020 Green Manufacturing System Solution Supplier of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the pilot unit of mechanical and electrical products remanufacturing by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

He Qinghua said that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Sunward Intelligent will continue to increase its research and development efforts in cutting-edge common technologies, digital twin technologies, green energy-saving technologies, and new energy power technologies, and rapidly expand high-end equipment, especially high-end mining equipment. To create a green smart mining equipment supply system integrating drilling, loading, digging, transportation, crushing, screening, smelting, spraying, support, bolts, and rescue, and a model of Sunward’s innovative development of high-end equipment manufacturing. Strive to implement the “three highs and four new” strategy to climb the world’s industry high ground and become a creator of world value in the field of engineering equipment manufacturing.

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