About PTJ Die Casting Services

If you focus on the shape complexity and surface finish of the parts, die castings are where you can go. In order to meet the mass production requirements of some customers and reduce the cost, we work with our suppliers to assist your project.PTJ die castings services can reduce the processing time and cost of CNC machining parts, as we can manufacture a large number of prototypes in batch quickly and modify the appearance with CNC techniques to deliver the final desired parts. Whether you want to look for an die castings manufacturer casting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, or brass, professional technicians will perform die castings process with a wide variety of metals, and be able to offer complex detail, smooth surface finish, and high definition in an economic way for clients. Our die castings parts are used across broad fields, such as energy, automotive, gas, and oil, food, etc. ISO 9001 certification and multiple-stage quality inspection implementation will ensure the quality and performance of the lost wax casting products to be delivered.